Commit History

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  Stan 947ceef084 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 6 months ago
  Jack Ivanov 6b803e069f LibreSSL fix #625 (#685) 6 months ago
  Jacob Wilder fee009688e Change the second Canada Central to Canada East for Azure (#676) 6 months ago
  Paul.W Harvey e891d5c43b Generate stronger p12_export_password (#654) (#657) 6 months ago
  pguizeline 9582cba128 Add new GCP zones in South America (#680) 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque 5685f089fa ondemand 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque 8374413eb1 reverse values 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque d247fb13e7 Reverse to default values 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque 62a5e7e1a3 added 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque 7803437679 Change whitelist location 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque ffcff167ee CRON every 12h 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque b6e17a3454 update config 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque d1aa9d7587 databuster blacklist 7 months ago
  Stan Larroque 643b3f142f specific databuster 7 months ago
  Stev Witzel 8009778012 Add new GCP zones in Frankfurt (#656) 7 months ago
  Paul.W Harvey dd43e1e47e Use openssl to generate better quality p12_export_password (#655) 7 months ago
  Jack Ivanov 8da53f859b Some browsers (eg. Safari) stop loading pages if the element with ads can't be loaded (#633) 9 months ago
  Jack Ivanov 4b02315f1b Disable awesome_bot 9 months ago
  Dan Guido 0a1d64e629 Update 9 months ago
  Dan Guido 95cb34b8ba Clear up methods of support even more 9 months ago
  Samuel Horwitz 0607e968d7 Update main.yml (#621) 9 months ago
  Jack Ivanov 0bb9279094 bug in the gce_net module #616 (#620) 9 months ago
  c 2170a8ff25 Add additional GCE zones (London / Australia) (#618) 9 months ago
  Jack Ivanov 78bd5b017c client fixes (#605) 10 months ago
  Jack Ivanov 9d8e39f63d Move back to the Xenial repo (#606) 10 months ago
  Jack Ivanov 5755493382 Update 10 months ago
  Jack Ivanov 91c375d63f Update 10 months ago
  Dan Guido fa466caeb2 Modify guidance 10 months ago
  The Gitter Badger 3032c55b1f Add a Gitter chat badge to (#599) 10 months ago
  The Gitter Badger be200b33bf Add a Gitter chat badge to (#598) 10 months ago